Integrated Tax Consultants since 1951

We are a partner-run practice in Freiburg, offering our clients the security of premium consultancy in all tax-related matters, and thus contributing to their business success. We provide sustainable, quality solutions based on outstanding expertise and an integrated approach. So our clients know they can count on us for first-rate advice.

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Tax consultancy

Flexible & sustainable

Our particular strengths in tax consultancy lie in our broad-based fiscal experience and in the consultancy services we supply concerning all issues relating to corporate tax law.Our day-to-day business includes providing our clients with an entirely flexible tax consultancy service, ranging from accounting... more

Legal consultancy

Forward-looking & sound

In the field of legal consultancy, our particular points of emphasis are contract law, company, commercial and tax law organisation, and reorganisation law. We focus on forward-looking consultancy services, the aim being to prevent disputes. However, should litigation be unavoidable, we can provide sound… more


Reliable & future-oriented

We carry out statutory and voluntary annual audits for our clients, as well as special audits. But of course the results of such audits can only reflect the past. However, our client-oriented consultancy services also include drawing on our hard-won insights and experience to create future-oriented strategic concepts, … more